Halle Bailey for Variety’s Young Hollywood issue
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Halle’s cover and feature for Variety’s Young Hollywood issue came out today! In it is a beautiful spread, an article about her upcoming projects, and a fun “This or That” video.

Now that both “The Little Mermaid” and “The Color Purple” are in postproduction, Bailey has come to appreciate the differences between the rapid pace of the music industry and the glacial process of moviemaking.

“My mindset is to work, work, work, so that I can see the payoff and move towards my goals. That’s what I’m used to,” Bailey says. “In the movie industry, I’m working 16 hours a day filming — I’ll be in the water busting my ass, crying, screaming, emotionally going to places I’ve never gone, and everybody there on set can congratulate you and say, ‘Yeah, you killed it today, kid,’ — but then you have all this time to wait.”

In the case of “The Little Mermaid,” it’s been so long since the shoot ended that she feels like “I’ve lived a whole other life since.”

“I’m grateful for it because it makes me slow down and cherish the moment that I’m living in now,” she says. “I was talking to my sister about it the other day, because I’m like, ‘I’ve been working so hard. I just want people to see it already, to see what I’ve been putting all my effort into.’” Chloe’s reassurance: “It’s all going to pay off.”

To keep busy in the meantime, Bailey has eased back into a routine of yoga, running, singing lessons, recording-studio sessions and one-on-one time with her cat, Poseidon. She also launched a YouTube channel, carving out her individual identity on the very platform where she and her sister were first discovered.

Source: Variety